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The Art of Alex Kowalczyk

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         Over the years Alex's art has grown and morphed into what it is today. As a young artist she feels that she struggled in the past with "having a style". Now in 2024 she is elated to have found a style of creating that feels fulfilling and exciting to herself as well as viewers. Welcome to the era of celebrating a newer more cohesive body of work. Each piece has its own meaning to the artist and was inspired by a feeling, a thought, or simply the desire to create a dynamic and fun visual piece. With that being said, the goal is always to strike a chord in the audience’s heart or catch their eye and allow the piece to resonate with everyone in its own way. 

If you are interested in purchasing an original piece that is listed as "FOR SALE" you can contact Alex at

Prints for sale on the SHOP page.

All My Money



Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 


All My Money is the first in Alex's Expenses of NYC series. It was inspired by the journey of saving finances in preparation of moving to the big city. It depicts Lady Liberty above a sea of one hundred dollar bills. This alludes to the idea that in being one of the largest and most iconic cities in the world, New York is built off the finances of its workers and inhabitants. This piece was created during the very beginning of Alex joining the city and its ways. It was also the first original piece sold kicking off Alex's career in New York.

Oh Chrysler



Oil & Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 


Oh Chrysler is the second in Alex's Expenses of NYC series. It was inspired by existing in the midst of the stereotypical "starving artist" lifestyle. The Chrysler Building is depicted standing tall surrounded by falling currency. As finances escape all accounts it represents standing tall despite it and looking to the future, much like the Chrysler Building did as the tallest skyscraper in the world upon its completion in 1930. This piece joins the gorgeous sharp, clean, Art Deco style with the organic loose chaos swirling around its focal point. 

This original piece is FOR SALE.

Abstract Coffee



Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 


Abstract Coffee is one of Alex's favorite artworks to date. It is the only abstract piece in her newest body of work. It was inspired by an artist's love for coffee. The high movement created through brush strokes and line work mimic caffein inducing behaviors. The five three dimensional rectangles jump off the canvas making this painting even more of a visual experience in person. 

This original piece is FOR SALE.




Acrylic on Canvas 


Eyeroll was created during Alex's time completing college. It is a piece the focuses of the stressful and overwhelming side of completing one chapter of life and preparing to embark on the next. This is imagery straight from the mind of an artist... framed in gold of course. 

This original piece is FOR SALE.


Creativity and Moneyflies



Acrylic & Multimedia on Canvas 


Creativity and Moneyflies comments on denigrating one's creative ideas out of the inability to relate or understand. Artists are often met with large amounts of criticism by those that lack a creative mind or eye. This piece includes a chain to represent those "chains" put on creative individuals and their processes. To juxtapose the chain, butterflies surround it representing the transformative and free nature of an artist and their work. Currency rains down in this piece as well explaining that when creativity flows so can the income. "Moneyflies" is not only a play on words due to the fact that the butterflies are formed from fifty dollar bills, but also a way to push the idea of money flying or flowing in. 

This original piece is FOR SALE.


Reigning Gold



Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 


Reigning Gold was created to be a visually compelling painting. A large Tyrannosaurus Rex skull wearing a crown and biting a string of pearls centered amongst Bird of Paradise flowers exudes a feeling of wealth and power. The T-Rex is often referred to as "the king of the dinosaurs", inspiring the crown. The rich purple background was inspired by it being a sign of wealth due to the fact that purple pigment was very expensive throughout history and only royalty used to be able to afford it. Bird of Paradise flowers are one of the few plants that are able to be dated back to pre-historic times, making them the perfect compliment to this piece. Overall the painting is meant to offer up the question of "How important should we hold wealth or power during life if we are all met with the same reality in the end?". 

This original piece is FOR SALE.




Acrylic, Metal Leaf & Swarovski Crystals on Canvas 


Happy was completed in 2022 following Alex's graduation from college. It was inspired by having no prompt, no guidelines, and a new sense of freedom with her artwork. The pressure to always have the most realistic subject matter weighs heavily of student artists. "Happy" is the product of letting loose and allowing solid color to be the star of the show, while still maintaining a hint of a landscape. This painting was intended to be a light-hearted and fun piece to strike positivity in those who see it. 

This original piece is FOR SALE.

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